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Hmmm... Was supposed to go to the CPR yesterday but I chocked like a little schoolgirl dressed in pink! Instead, a good old pal came by and we had a couple of beers, talking life and shitty stuff that happened to me recently (now, Doyle always made a very strong case of playing with a clear mind, and for having forced it a couple of times, I must agree with the greatest - hence, it was better for me to have this conversation than playing some lousy clouded-judgment poker... One must know oneself). Now trying to make sense of these shitty things might have been the priority, but after a couple of beers and a 2-hour conversation, we kinda covered most of the ground needing coverage, so,coming back from the bathroom, I went "Dude, wanna do a little Omaha Heads-up?", and to my extreme but very satisfied surprise he replied without missing a beat "Yeah, sure".

We agreed for a freeze-out style, but since he had to get home earlier, we set a game timer: after 90 minutes, the guy with the most chips wins the other guy's buy-in. Which was a beer :P! It's always nice to win drinks :P! And it's very nice playing heads-up against a good friend; you feel free to validate your reads and insights, show your cards and you're generally almost meta-playing with a poker dialog surrounding the game. I must take Nic on his "drop by to my place and let's do a freeze-out heads-up"... I think we could both benefit greatly from such an activity.

Speaking of the devil! I was browsing 2 + 2 Forums this week and stumbled across a guy posting about "session review and analysis workshop" where players send in a 100-hand session log to 3 other players who will then review and analyze these and get back to the player with comments, suggestions, questions, etc.. Nic and I decided to do this between the 2 of us, to take our poker verbiage to what we hope will become a new higher level... I'll keep you posted on this... I'm also thinking about a log parser to make it easier to read and see the relevant information. We shall see about that though...



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