Second RB's Tourney Results - Objective's Reached  

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Did my first Real Money Ranking tourney yesterday - which is a fancy way of saying there's a buy-in but the tourney is private and counts in a ranking. I also figured it to be the way Poker Stars and FullTilt Poker make their money with us railbirds.

Finished 30th out of 196, which is pretty good and is way above the 50%-of-the-field mark I had set for myself :). Objective reached! But I think it might be just shy of the 15% mark and thus shy of getting me any points in the above mentioned ranking, right?? Anyhow, very interesting to be in a decent size tourney with only 196 players :).

Caliber seemed a little better to me. In my case, I played some decent smaller ball even and found out I might not be cut out for the swings lol!! Not in cash games that's for sure...

On the P.S. side: I did see something quite weird, which, weren't I indulging myself in a near blind faith in random algorithms, could make me lean towards the "Poker Stars is rigged" perspective. Long story short, I'm in seat 1 and the guy right to me, in seat 9, catches pocket rockets twice in row, showing them both times when getting no action at all for his raises (actually, he caught them on his blinds, and ended up raking the small blind the second time). The funny thing is I caught the rockets right after and, when the first card of my following hand was an ace again, I started to think it was some kind of rotational glitch or something lol. Off course, my next card was a lousy 4 and everything went back to normal lol!



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