Taking a Shot  

Posted by Alex Laforest

I seem to remember quite acutely Jen Harman in Beyond the Felt talking about her numerous first tries at the Big Game. Painful is the word that comes to mind. She was explaining how she'd build the proper bankroll, get herself excited and prepared to enter the Big Game, go in, get broke, go back down the mid-stakes games, build up again... And so on, for a couple of years before she actually managed to STAY in the game once and for all...

I know I read Phil Gordon's basic bankroll management rules and I am deeply convinced I remember even Doyle tapping the concept. And if you've read this blog, I have learned also about a proper tight aggressive bankroll management from an old-timer with odd views on gambling :P... All and all, I do know when I could be climbing up the stakes ladder... But, hey, I'm turning into a poker player, right? And say poker player means gambling... Gambling means, litteraly "the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning", with the operative word being, to me, "hope of". Thus, every now and then, some poker enthusiast with decent game and money knowledge takes a shot at something bigger... The reasons are wide, numerous and often hilariously ridiculous for a player to forget these rules of thumb.

Well, it turns out I'm exactly like every other poor schmock taking stupid shots at higher stakes than they can play/afford... Not saying Jen Harman is a poor stupid schmock here; I am sure she took decent legit shots almost every single time. lol. Anyway, I did take a shot at a 5$ Sit'nGo when I realized I finally brought my ROI% in the positive column :P... Off course, I failed miserably, finishing 6th of 9; mostly because I couldn't get the comfortable feeling of playing MY game.



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