New Railbirds Freeroll Mantra
Or, live notes from BubbleB0y!

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Quick notes during first break of this Sunday's PokerStars freeroll. I made it to the break with a slightly more than average stack, and am thinking this should be my special pre-Railbirds freeroll mantra: "Make it to the breaks with an average stack". lol.

Now, just keep your head clean.... Here we go...:eek: lol

Ok.. Just doubled-up to a very decent 18k with snowmen and a board of 3-3-5 on which I moved all-in. All that after waiting, prowling in a corner with half the average stack. Now, I wanna get into the money!!!

5 players to go before the bubble bursts and your very own BubbleB0y is sitting on a nice, slightly bigger than average stack... Very tight everywhere suddenly... Like some deserted far-west town lol

3 to go...

Hand-to-hand play... The short-stack, with not even a big blind, asks why is every hand taking so long...

IN THE MONEY!!! Woot!!! Feels good, not for the 20 cents, not by far :P! Rather for the mere fact that i have been doubting myself a tad this week-end :P.

Second break with a bit bigger than average stack :). Now, I'm on a doubling-up quest if I want to make some real money :P

Oh well, it's over!! lol! 121th out of 1435 is pretty darn good and after the second break, I had set myself to be really aggressive, on a chase for any doubling-up opportunity because the new objective was 1st place (or at least a final table), and did just that on the 3rd hand iirc :P. Woke up with A♣4♣: and flat called the 1200 blind figuring I'd test whether the table had tightened up or not. BB raised to 8200 and I went in the very quick tank, the one you should avoid imho :D, and shoved thinking he might be trying to steal mine and the button's limps, who folded. He did think for a while, about folding I hope, but finally called, covering me about 2 to one and must have figured I wanted to bully the table or get into a race with a short stack and flipped A♦K♣.D'oh! Bald and somewhat clumsy - perhaps lousy - move, especially since it was against the table's chip leader, but I definitely prefer the feeling of a good gamble than of blinding myself out of a tourney :), which I do O so often :p.

Now, to a short movie break and some long overdue cleaning (thanks to Railbird's freeroll and my legendary laziness - hey, who in its right minf would take cleaning over poker, right?)! And then, FullTilt's freeroll :D lol !!



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