"Polaris Is Sick"  

Posted by Alex Laforest

"Laak and Eslami's win added extra drama to the final session Tuesday evening, as its outcome would now determine the overall winner. After a dinner break and a prematch strategy session, the players returned to battle Polaris one last time. "This is so intense," said Laak. "I've never had a huddle session before a poker match before."

Aaaaaaah Unabomber... Priceless Unabomber wisdom here...

I don't think I would have wrote anything on this wannabe-DeepBlue publicity stunt (which I would have followed nevertheless; peeps at U of A are doing so much for Game Theory at large, and Poker Theory more precisely) hadn't it been for these Laak's comments. As a matter of fact, this little informal piece was started on July 25th if I recall correctly and I just remembered it while cleaning up my PCs' cracks... lol!

All in all, it must have been very entertaining to see/hear Laak's table antics against a giant computer :P... Yet I find myself puzzled by 2 things:
  1. What the hell does "Polaris playing poker" looks like? I remember with acute details the scene from Kasparov versus Deep Blue/Thought, and my guess is that it's some analog method (ie, a given tech dude is in front of the master and receives the moves the computer decides on and plays them... A "thinking machine's peon" actually lol... Gottta love that idea, don't you?)... Which brings DA question :P...
  2. Is Laak doing the Unabomber bid when in a big pot against a PC??? rofl... Imagine Laak going "Raise. [Pause about a minute] 57 450$!" And then pulling down the sunglasses, the hoodie, tightening the laces and putting his hands on his ears while leaning down on the table in front of a workstation?!?!??!?! Laughing My Ass Off!!!!




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