Nerf Sick Days  

Posted by Alex Laforest

Quick update on the tally and that target of 10,000 hands by my birthday. Well, the latter is going pretty well, as far as number of hands played goes :P; last time I checked, I was on pace to hit 10,376 hands!! Sweet!! Now, if those could only end up being winners... lol

As for the bet, the tally kinda speaks for itself. "But why suddenly more than 600 hands behind, bubbleb0y??", no one asks. Well, the answer to that my friends is: sick days. God's greatest gifts to the poor schlob when said schlob is the one taking the day off :P... In our case, Nic's the one taking a sick day Monday, logging about 1,000 hands :P!!! So that's that, as they say. But, it seems his PC died on him, so I think I have plenty of time to close the gap :).



For the record, it was not a sick day but a true, legit day off taken from my vacation bank :P

Same difference; paid by OL to play poker :P...

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