A Week & 2,500 Hands Later... hehe :P!  

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Ok. So I didn't quit... Yet... Simply couldn't set myself to giving it up just yet :). Took the week off, so to speak. Only played cards at the homegame and kept occupied with Y The Last Man, an awesome graphic novel some friends of mine had been raving about. And with movies, of course. The homegame was a +EV nite, but a very interesting hand arose in which I might have made a huge mistake recovered by a very tricky laydown. Mega-poker godlike irony, it all came down when I open-limped, which I might have done 0.012% of the time, with the jack-nine of spades. True, a live straddle was on, but it is still open-terry-fscking-foxing!!!

Anyways, I have played about 2500 hands last weekend and managed to get about three quarters of what I lost the previous weekend.

And two days later, I am back with my head above water, with a whooping 6+ over for May... Holy cow, nine days away from the end of the month and I'm in the positive!?!?!?! I didn't think it would take me so little time to wipe this unpleasant memory, but it seem it did... Still, I kept, learned, and will remember that rough weekend... Don't brag, don't be overconfident and/or overimpatient, don't grow bored; if you can't concentrate, do something else. If you can't lay a beaten hand down, dont' play. And so on and so forth :).

On a side note: I received my 5 2+2 books from my PartyPoker bonus only to find out the package was erroneous; instead of Harrington on Holdem Volume 1, I got Volume 3, which, ironically enough, I already own...

On one last side note, which is making me a very unhappy camper right now: it seems someone or something managed to deposit 298$ on some gambling site not yet known with my credit card. Me not likey... And of course, MasterCard can't do squat for now, cause I spotted the deed a tad too early; the transaction is not yet confirmed so it might simply be some billing error or something... So the peeps at MasterCard told me... :S.



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