So-So October  

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It is that time of the year over here, and the feel of Old Man Winter in the air is kinda depressing to say the least... Combined with my newly found... confusion (see switcheroo), October was, all in all, a very ordinary month in terms of poker satisfaction. Still managed to keep it a very decent winner, bringing me closer to my ultimate goal of 2008, ie grinding my way to a steady NL50 roll. But I failed again half way through my volume objective, with a definitely lousy and most pathetic 6,022 hands played.

Here are the usual graphs:

October 2008 - By Money Won


October 2008 - By BigBlind Won


October 2008 - Showdown


Which brings us to a very serious new objective of mine: bring that money won without showdown (red line) as close as possible to par. I think this is pretty important for any aspiring poker player, and a huge, unforgivable leak in my game, and shall thusly consider it quite more in the future ;-).

Edit: After the daily Coffee Machine Poker Talk with my buddy ncaron, I feel the need to be a tad clearer about this new objective: I should say that I'll keep an eye on that line and try to bring it to par without losing the main focus of it all, which is keeping a ptbb/100 hands above 3.0... :D



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