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Picking up some pace in clearing this AsiaPoker bonus thingy, I feel the need to post a quick update.

Logged almost 13k hands at NL50 now. And while I cannot say I really feel settled in (feels more like a roller-coaster ride, to be perfectly honest), I do start to feel comfortable with the whole game. So far so good, then.

Bonus-wise, I have now cleared a whooping 7 out 60 ten-dollar payouts, but must admit I kinda still entertain the notion that I might, in the end, pull it out. Remember, the deadline is February 15th!! Still, the gambler in me kinda knows that it will probably come down to what Life has in store for me the next few months... Nerf variance, I guess... lol. Anyway, I'll give it all I got, and we'll see :).

On a somewhat sadder note (yeah, I have a tendency towards pathos, sue me! lol), AsiaPoker's latest update modified the way the selected table is displayed, which basically screws up my whole EyePoker table selection/datamining tool (forum post here)... Of course, I've found a workaround, but it does limit what can only be referred to as table-hopping, which I'll confess doing when tables break down (who doesn't? lol), but hey, I'll take it... Nevertheless, what's actually bugging me the most is the very simple realization that I have become accustomed, addicted perhaps, to my poker tools... I mean, for those using PokerTracker or any other tracking software, could you imagine playing without them??? Sure you can, be only because you love the game so much, right? Hence, we grow dependant of these tools, somehow, and miss them dearly... Definitely something to bare in mind, I would say... maybe by, I don't know, play without them once in a while...

A final sidenote: Nic found a poker webcomic strip which I am still slowly reading, peeling a couple of strips a day, mastering the urge to just go right through them all so I can have something to put a smile on my face in case I run into a couple bad beats/donkey moves... lol. Here's the link, if you don't know about it already; some of them are pretty funny :). Can't help myself: I am now pot-committed to that strip!!!! ROFL!



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